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Sex Addiction, Love Addiction, Relationship Problems, Intimacy Disorders, Depression, Anxiety and Much More


Is there something stopping you from having a healthy relationship? Do you find yourself drawn to the wrong partners? Do you find it hard to feel “a spark” with most dates though you know they could be a good match? Do you say that all women are crazy? Or all men are babies? But in reality you would like to be in a loving relationship? Or you have a partner and there are problems. Maybe you are co-dependent, fixating on their flaws and losing yourself? Avoiding intimacy? Cheating? Having on-line affairs?

Request an appointment with Carewell

New and Existing Clients Can Now Schedule Appointments Online!

We help people work on problems, understand themselves better and create healthy relationships.

We work with you to educate you and your partner/family to better understand brain science and addictions.


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What Language Do You Speak?

How do you know your partner loves you? How does she show it? Does she write you a little note and slip it into your jeans so you can find it later? Does she text you a sweet message during the say that she misses you? How does he let you know he cherishes you and really loves you? Does he buy your favorite coffee instead of his? Does he suggest thoughtful dates even though you’ve been together forever? Often times couples have different Love Languages. With this issue, it is easy to misunderstand each other and feel like we…
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