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Ninfa Neuser PsyD

Ninfa Nueser PsyD

I am a licensed psychologist who completed my doctorate degree at Pacific University. I work primarily with adults: individuals and couples. One of my specialties is anxiety and creating a strategy for clients to overcome their fears.

I have experience with a variety of issues, including depression, learning disorders and chronic medical conditions, as well as people experiencing major life challenges, stressors and relationship issues. I enjoy working with mothers in particular, being a mom myself and understand the need for life balance.

I trained in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. I also use mindfulness and acceptance, focusing on the present moment to address struggles. I help people learn and apply new skills and tools to address problems and shift to positive cognitive styles. I feel therapy should start with understanding each client’s unique, complex history and way of functioning with treatment individualized to each client’s needs. Therapy with me is a collaborative process with mutual goals.

I enjoy helping clients improve their awareness and explore their individual experience. I want clients to live a full authentic life with better relationships and more satisfaction, achieving the things that they value and want in life.

I grew up in Alaska and moved to the Portland area to attend graduate school. Luckily, I was able to stay in Oregon after graduating school. I love the Pacific Northwest, being close to the woods and the coast while still enjoying the benefits of being in a large city.


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